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Affordable Flooring Services offer the finest quality workmanship in sanding & Finishing Interior Timber Floors & Exterior Timber Decking’s. The floor is assessed initially by our sales representative & then again by our experienced tradesmen on the starting day before any work is commenced and then with the updated information given to our customers.

Floor Sanding & Polishing – New and Old Floors

Affordable Timber Flooring Sydney
Floor sanding and polishing is a specialised flooring job. We use quality abrasive materials and specialised sanding/polishing machines to remove the top surfaces of a wooden floor. We have the experience when it comes to the extent to which sanding is required for improving the appearance of your floor.

This is important because sanding removes significant material, changing the character of old, timber floors. We first prepare your timber floor for sanding by punching down all nails protruding above the wooden floor and removing staples or coverings used for coverings. For finishing, the sanded floor is then coated with quality sealants over a period of three to four days.

We Sand & Polish :

Timber Strip Flooring
Timber Parquetry Flooring
Cork Flooring
Wooden Decking
Timber Staircases

Repair Existing or Old Timber Flooring

Timber floor repairing requires both skill and experience. Whilst an old floor may get damaged due to mould, rising damp and bores, new timber floorings also sometimes need repair from water damage. We have the necessary expertise to repair floors suffering from completely decayed joists or from cupping and buckling.

Fitting new floorboards, treating gaps in floors or insulating suspended floors- we know what it takes to bring that lost charm of your existing or old timber flooring.

Wooden Flooring

We are one of the largest suppliers and installers of wooden flooring, including hardwood and oak wood flooring, real solid wood flooring and also engineered flooring. Our highly qualified and experienced staff ensure quick, efficient and hassle-free installation of timber strip flooring, timber floating floors, and timber parquetry floors.

Parquetry Flooring

Are you looking for affordable parquetry flooring for that ultimate geometric effect? You have come to the right place. We specialise in both block and mosaic parquetry installation. A durable floor covering option, parquetry flooring is available in a number of timber species.

Block parquetry is available in a wide array of styles or designs. Parquetry flooring is an ideal choice for not only homes, but also shops and stadiums.

Timber Floor Staining

We can also stain your timber floor efficiently. Our staining experts may hand stain directly onto your wooden floor, giving it a much deeper appearance or mix the stain with a clear finish and use it for all three coatings. The final outcome of the colour however depends on the type of the timber you wish to stain.

Strip Timber Flooring on Plywood

Our strip timber flooring on Plywood is an example of instant character and ultimate beauty; it adds value to any property. Such a flooring can be re-sanded and polished several times to regain its charm and last for a long time.

Our strip timber flooring experts ensure not only professional installation but also effective maintenance and restoration of such floors.

Strip Timber Flooring on Battens

Our standard strip flooring involves assembling of interlocking tongue and groove boards into a structural floor over battens. The boards used are normally manufactured in varying widths ranging from 65mm to 133mm and even wider.

We install strip timber flooring on three tongue and groove profiles- surface nailed, secret nailed and end matched, depending upon our clients’ requirements.

Floating Floors

We are one of the largest suppliers of timber floating floors that can be easily installed over any solid, flat sub floor such as concrete slabs, chipboard, plywood and even existing tiles.

Manufactured from selected hardwoods, our timber floating floors are available in many styles and colours. Our floating floors exude class, quality and opulence.

Laminate Floating Floor

Our laminate floating floors would be an ideal choice if you are looking for a flooring solution that effectively imitates wood, tiles, stones and other materials but still cost you a fraction of their price. Made of quality materials our laminate floating floors have inner cores that offer greater protection from moisture damage.

Also, their surface is less susceptible to scratches. Our staff are skilled in installing them over a smooth, flat sub floor made of vinyl, plywood, tile or even a concrete slab and hardwood flooring efficiently and without any hassle.